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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Liz, Chris and the promise of things to come...

So Liz (a lovely, talented photographer and singer) gets in touch and tells me that the time has come and we're going to do some maternity pictures, but we're NOT going to do anything 'cutsie' or typical or anything she's seen online! - So, no pressure there then...
She had one shot that she wanted to get and the rest she left to us.
We drove out to a barn in Batavia on a freezing Sunday afternoon to see just how committed she and her fabulous forbearing husband Chris were to the creative process.

This was so fun and interesting and although we could really only handle about 45 minutes of actual shooting (Liz was seriously pretty much naked and I'm worried that she will be giving birth to a frozen shrimp) it was great to work with people who wanted to really challenge themselves & Gina & I to come up with a new interpretation of maternity.
We're very much looking forward to doing 'part 2' in the spring.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jennifer & Doug - New Years Eve 2012

Jennifer & Doug live in Hawaii, where Doug serves on submarines with the Navy. This meant that it was down to Marsha & Dottie the Mom's, to do most of the local footwork arranging their special New Years Eve wedding celebration which Gina & I were privileged to be a part of last Monday.
Everything took place at the Ravinia Green Country Club.

A very quick stop out on the golf course for some frosty outdoor shots.

 Nope, not the Bride & Groom, just some other loving going on! :)

 Gangnam Style!

If you're going to have a winter wedding, why not have it on the night EVERYONE wants to PARTY!?
Cheers & HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!