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Monday, March 25, 2013

Sandra & Tamer

Sandra & Tamer were among that brave band of engaged couples who decide to risk a wedding celebration during the Winter months, hoping that the fates would be with them and that the cold wintry weather would not detract from their plans for a wonderful memorable day...

Good Call Guys!

 A little Brides Mirror action! :)

 Yes it was cold... But it was also a fabulous day for pictures out in Bussy Woods.


Halo Cake Topper - Fab!!!


That was a wonderful March wedding - Thanks for a great time and enjoy 3 WEEKS in Mexico! - Cheers!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oisin & Family

A few short years ago it was Tricia & Warrens big day and I was there to capture the love, fun and celebration of their beautiful wedding. On Sunday morning we went over to Peg's (Tricia's Mom) home in Orland Park to meet a young man who now represents a new generation of this warm happy family.

Thanks for a fun morning folks, we're looking forward to meeting Oisin's new sibling in the not too distant future. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nisha, Brandon, Helen (Mellon) & 8 day old Wellesly

Another session with the Elliott Family. I'ts been around 2 years since the last one, and we were very excited to see them all again & meet the brand new adorable addition.
 Wellesly might be the new kid but there's no question who the Elliott Family Diva is.
 This shot cracks me (& Nisha) up. The one before was of Helen kissing Wellesly on the head. Apparently she doesn't taste good?

 Hey! How come you're not focused on me?!

 Just time for a little inspection, you should always take time for oral hygiene! :)

There's treats overhead! 

Well our time ended as it began... On Helen:) but she'd better watch out, her gorgeous little sister is going to be getting quite a bit of attention in the future. See you soon guys!