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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Madelynn - Tutu & Cake

It seem like just yesterday Madelynn had her first photo session with me at 6 months and it's already time to celebrate her first BIRTHDAY!? Where DOES the time go?

 The family plus 'Ballerina Doll'
 Madelynn making us Tea in her brand new Kitchen built by her very handy Dad!

 Appropriate headgear!

 And the SMASH CAKE! - Now notice the difference between Madelynn's approach & Evan's (previous blog entry) 
 Madelynn doesn't even taste the first couple of lumps of cake but graciously offers them around the room.
 When she finally does put a piece in her mouth, she looks just a little sad, Yes it's tasty but what's it doing to my figure?!
 Here Mom & Dad - Help me out with this.

 And a handful of Cheerios make this a well rounded meal!
Awesome. How CUTE is she?!

Evan Turns 1

So we are well & truly embedded in BABY SEASON! Woo Hoo! Today's Baby is the Fabulous Evan who has just turned 1 and celebrated with his folks, friends and of course a Tasty Smash Cake! 

 Yep! That right there is a book of pictures for each month of Evans first year. He's going to have his own library by the time he graduates! 

 Give. Me. That. CAKE!!!!
Can't get it into my mouth fast enough... Must Face Plant Cake! Ahhh Boys! :)

We were SO happy to be invited along to all the FUN. Evan ROCKS!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Marty, Melinda, Chris & Now... Nathan

Marty & Melinda were married in a very fun 'hit & run' wedding by Belmont Harbor almost 5 years ago. 
Since then we shot her sisters wedding as well as pictures of their first son Chris, On Monday we had our first encounter with the newest addition to the family at the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Here's Nathan!

 Thanks for coming out on such a cold day. It was great to meet Nathan & say hi to Chris again. See you soon!