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Friday, February 3, 2017

The Winery Boys

Aloha lovely blog followers. Today's post is about our first shoot of the year and it was just 5 minutes from where we live *BONUS*!
We popped down the road to a lovely house on Halama St. which had been rented by two guys and their families for the holiday. It turns out that they were Andrew Harding & Stephen Amell the founders & owners The Nocking Point Winery & Wine Club. Stephen is also well known for his leading role in the 'Arrow' TV show.
Most of the shoot focused on Andrew & his family, they were very relaxed and great fun to shoot. I even took advantage of the beautiful location to get some drone pictures on the beach.

 After a few shots of Stephen & his daughter who was Rocking her new 'Moana' outfit, we got to work on Andrew's family.

 Drone pictures can really add a whole new element to these family photo sessions.

  Some pre-sunset shots at the end of the session before they all head out to dinner.

Oh and one more thing... We got to take home 2 LOVELY bottles of wine that Andrew & Stephen gave us. How come ALL our clients don't do that?! :)

Thanks for visiting! Malama Pono.