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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stefanie & Vik - Engagement Session

Stefanie & Vik came to us through the lovely Liz M. & we are looking forward to shooting their winter wedding in December. First however they wanted to schedule an engagement session and due to some interesting, unexpected weather we ended up in the swamplands... of Riverside.

 Yep, that's a couple of people canoeing through the forest behind them.

 We went to Riverside's little station, just to get some pictures that didn't have any water in them! 

  They are now officially certified semi-pro models. The wedding's going to be a blast!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ashley & Kleo learn if their baby will be a Boy... or a Girl!

Around 3 years ago I did a very fun engagement session with the lovely Ashley & Kleo on a frozen Chicago day down in the park.

Recently Ashley contacted me with the news that she was expecting their first child and she had a special request for the maternity shoot.

 Ashley had found some fun pictures online in which the Mom & Dad to-be had showered each other with paint reflecting the gender of their impending baby. Ashley was looking to do something similar.

 I thought it sounded like great fun but wanted to add a little twist. I thought that it would be amazing if somehow we could arrange it so that when the paint was thrown. it would be at THAT moment when Ashley & Kleo discovered whether they were having a boy or a girl. 

Well it took a little arranging but that's exactly what happened, with some help from Ashley's sister & Kleo's best friend. After their ultrasound the results were placed in a sealed envelope and given to Ashley's sister. When they all arrived at our place the correct color paint was carefully (& secretly) put into squeeze bottles.
We then took off to get our pictures.
 After a quick stop at our local tot-lot we arrived at our 'reveal' location. The moment the paint started to fly was the moment Ashley & Kleo found out that they were going to be Mom & Dad to a brand new baby GIRL!

 And they couldn't have been happier!!!

Congratulations guys, we cant WAIT to meet your baby girl!